Recently Fixed Epson WF Pro C869R Network Multifunction Color Printer

Epson WF Pro C869R Network Multifunction Color Printer

The Epson WF Pro C869R is a high-performance wide-format printer designed for professional printing needs. With its Precision Core technology, it delivers exceptional print quality, high-speed printing, and versatile media handling capabilities, making it ideal for graphic design, marketing materials, and engineering applications.


This particular Epson WF Pro C869R’s scanner was not functioning. Upon receiving a report from the customer, our engineer paid a visit to the site and inspect the machine. The scanner function of an Epson WF Pro C869R may stop for multiple reasons such as Connectivity issues, Driver problems, Software conflicts, Hardware malfunctions, or incorrect scanner settings. After some thorough checking, we eventually found the actual problem. Turns out, the lack of maintenance and inadequate servicing caused the problem.

How We Fixed The Problem

We conducted a thorough service on the printer, including checking connections, testing with different software, and addressing any issues. As a result, we successfully restored its proper functionality.

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