HP DesignJet Error Codes and What They Mean

HP DesignJet Error Codes

HP DesignJet T120 & T520

Error code 26:10 Error code 27:10 is related to the ink system, either printhead is faulty or the
service station is faulty. There might be something stuck in the carriage, check that the printhead can move up and down the rail and that no paper is stuck. Also check Carriage PCA, Trailing Cables You would need to call for an engineer to get your printer service.

01.1:10 Main PCA (MPCA) failure
01.1:19 Incorrect Main PCA installed
01.3:10 Bundle Board failure
02:10 Carriage Board Failure
03.1:10 Battery of Real-Time Clock ran down
08:10 Front Panel does not respond
21:10 Service Station (SS) failure
21.1:10 Pump motor failure
26:10 Ink system failure
27:10 Generic printhead error
41:10 Paper servo error
41.1:10 Right Rear Gear Train (picking motor) failure
41.2:10 Paper/Feed motor failure
42:10 Carriage servo error
42.1:10 Carriage motor failure
45:10 Rewinder motor failure
51:10 Top Cover sensor failure
51.1:10 Ink Cartridge Cover Sensor failure
53.1:10 OOP sensor failure
53.2:10 Output Tray sensor failure
55:10 Line Sensor failure
59.1:19 S/N Mismatch
59.2:19 An unsupported or reused NVM has been installed
79:03 Generic printer error (NVM reseated)
79:04 Generic printer error (FW assert)
85.1:10 Feed Index Sensor failure
85.2:10 Feed Encoder Sensor failure
87:10 Encoder Strip failure

Unsuccessful roll load

The paper can not be loaded successfully, this is caused by the paper sensor being dirty. Check that the printhead is not leaking ink onto the sensor, check that the service station isn’t full of ink and that the brush is not covered in ink. The paper detector sensor is located on the right side of the printhead. When it gets dirty it will cause the printer to unload the roll.

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